Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim

Pre School 3-5 Years old and School aged 5 years +

Specialising in small class sizes maximising participation and progression.

Catering for fearful children through to confident swimmers. Survival and safety component in every class.

Nemo Level 1

A gentle introduction to water for those who have never had lessons before. Great opportunity to learn at their own pace in a fun and encouraging environment.

Dory Level 2

Developing tread water and safety skills while working towards submersion and floatation.

Platypus Level 3

Promoting independent forward propulsion and becoming more proficient with safety skills.

Stingray Level 4

Developing a correct pattern of arms and legs and correct streamline position. Introducing Freestyle and Backstroke and side breathing. Tread water and safety continue to be an integral part of these lessons.