Programs & Classes

Under 3

Under 3 program for 2 months to 3 years of age with parent in the water.

Focusing on teaching in a nurturing way with respect for all children. Age based lessons developing safety and survival skills and progression to independent movement run by experienced teachers.

Free Newborn Jellyfish (2 and 3 months old)

Free program developed to enhance babies affinity for water.Educational and stimulating water familiarisation

Baby Octopus (4 - 7 months old)

Based on babies’ physical, social and emotional development. Parent or carer will gain skills and confidence helping babies to explore the water

Penguin Bubs (8-15 months old)

Developing breath control, movement and floatation through play and games.Activities based on Bubs development on land where they are becoming more mobile

Turtle Toddlers (16-24 months old)

Constant activities developing paddling and kicking skills moving towards independent movement.Focusing on safety.

Crocodile Kids (25-36 months old)

Learning to co-ordinate arms and legs, lift their head for a breath and lots of swimming. This level also has classes for more advanced Under 3’s.

Learn to Swim

Pre School 3-5 Years old and School aged 5 years +

Specialising in small class sizes maximising participation and progression.

Catering for fearful children through to confident swimmers. Survival and safety component in every class.

Dory Level 1

A gentle introduction to water for those who have never had lessons before. Great opportunity to learn at their own pace in a fun and encouraging environment.

Nemo Level 2

Developing tread water and safety skills while working towards submersion and floatation.

Platypus Level 3

Promoting independent forward propulsion and becoming more proficient with safety skills.

Stingray Level 4

Developing a correct pattern of arms and legs and correct streamline position. Introducing Freestyle and Backstroke and side breathing. Tread water and safety continue to be an integral part of these lessons.

Stroke Development

Pre School 3-5 Years old and School aged 5 years +

Developing correct technique across all strokes with a view after progressing to our Seahorse Squad.

Continuation of the foundations previously learned, with other swimmers of similar age and ability.

Seal Level 5

Having developed a good body position, now working on correct technique in Freestyle and Backstroke. Tread water and safety component.

Dolphin Level 6

Further development of Freestyle and Backstroke with continuous movement of arms and legs along with an introduction to Breaststroke and Butterfly kick. Extending Tread water and safety skills.

Shark Level 7

Introducing bilateral breathing in Freestyle, extension of Backstroke and correct timing with Breaststroke kick. Tread water and safety remain a focus.

Orca Level 8

Mastering Freestyle and Backstroke. Completing the learning of Breaststroke and introducing Butterfly with the aim of moving onto Seahorse Squad. Tread water and safety retain integral to these lessons.

Seahorse Squad

A program based on ability to further develop correct technique and to also learn dives and turns with an emphasis on aerobic and anaerobic training techniques. 

The aim is to swim 1km with a great technique and bridging the gap between swim lessons and club swimming.