Stroke Development

Stroke Development

Pre School 3-5 Years old and School aged 5 years +

Developing correct technique across all strokes with a view after progressing to our Seahorse Squad.

Continuation of the foundations previously learned, with other swimmers of similar age and ability.

Seal Level 5

Having developed a good body position, now working on correct technique in Freestyle and Backstroke. Tread water and safety component.

Dolphin Level 6

Further development of Freestyle and Backstroke with continuous movement of arms and legs along with an introduction to Breaststroke and Butterfly kick. Extending Tread water and safety skills.

Shark Level 7

Introducing bilateral breathing in Freestyle, extension of Backstroke and correct timing with Breaststroke kick. Tread water and safety remain a focus.

Orca Level 8

Mastering Freestyle and Backstroke. Completing the learning of Breaststroke and introducing Butterfly with the aim of moving onto Seahorse Squad. Tread water and safety retain integral to these lessons.